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Cure Angel Foundation is a non-profit organization; its major aim is
the early recognition of the illnesses, conservation of good health.
One important goal is to preserve and care for sick children to
promote children's health. We maintain a very good relationship with
the Children's Clinic of Szeged Regional Centre. We continuously
support children therapy and rehabilitation.
Beside these we help the needy families. We support many poor families
with food, medication.

In 2017 prevention gets into the focus of our work. Our aim is to purchase a
portable ultrasound machine, and with this equipment ensure the free
preventive examination of hundreds of children in manner of thyroid
gland, so the illnesses can be recognized early.
Compared to the previous years, the number of thyroid disorders in children
had multiplied among the childhood diseases. In the recognition of
thyroid diseases the ultrasound examination plays a considerable role.
The thyroid disorders often have no typical symptoms in the early
stage. The dysfunction of the thyroid gland causes serious problems in
children’s growth and development, such as their biological
development, metabolism, the function of their nervous system and
their physical-intellectual efficiency.
We wish to involve the young persons up 'till 18-years-old in the
program. We aim to make this preventive program widely available in
more and more place, free- of-charge. We insure the expenses of our
regular programs from supporting donation.

Bank account: IBAN HU64 56900051-10541254-00000000